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So often in today’s world, if you want to get to know someone better, you can take a glance at their favorite playlistThe “Only Bathrooms” Playlist would be a classic rock collection that would have us all singing alongHere are just a few of our top songs: 


Sweet Home, Alexandria

If we could, we would rewrite the classic Lynyrd Skynyrd song “Sweet Home Alabama” to represent Only Bathrooms, LLC and Larry’s passion about this area. His ties to this area run deep. Born at Fairfax Hospital, a graduate of Fairfax High School and later from George Mason University, Larry has lived his whole life in the Northern Virginia area. He has used his understanding of the area to grow his successful business. Making his home just minutes away from Mount Vernon, Larry knows what clicks with the design elements for the unique homes of this diverse area. He knows the challenges facing homeowners when it comes to their bathroom spaces and what’s needed to turn a simple bathroom project into an oasis of their dreams.


It’s a Family Affair 

Sly and the Family Stone sang it, and it is very true. Only Bathrooms, LLC was founded on Larry’s twin girls’ first birthday.  

“I was inspired to be an active participant in my children’s lives. Over 20 years later and we proudly proclaim we are a family-first, family-friendly team. We want to make our clients feel like they are part of a positive organization.” 

When you work with the Only Bathrooms, LLC team, you are truly working with family. The Newman daughters work in the office when they aren’t in school or participating in their sports. Larry’s wife has established herself as one of the region’s most reliable and dedicated project managers. Her attention to design and details continues to inspire the Only Bathroom, LLC’s projects.  


One Way or Another

The classic Blondie rock song, “One Way or Another” is an excellent representation of what Only Bathrooms, LLC puts into our bathroom design as the team listens carefully to their clients. Larry and the Only Bathrooms, LLC team has an in-depth understanding of the home designs represented from Mount Vernon, Springfield, and all along the Alexandria side of the Potomac. This understanding ensures that your bathroom vision comes to life, one way or another. Understanding the home designs in this area is a pivotal reason why the “Only Bathroom” quotes and project timelines can be trusted. Only Bathrooms, LLC gives the homeowner the best representation of the project to ensure properly managed projects.  


Put me in coach; I am ready to play – (Centerfield by John Fogerty) 

Larry has been part of the construction business since his high school years. Back then, he worked hard to learn all there was to know about running and operating a business while learning how to be a full-service handyman. As a teenager, there was a lot to learn, but this early work experience drove Larry to understand how honesty and integrity go hand in hand with a job well-done.  

When you become part of the Only Bathrooms, LLC team, you get Larry Newman’s passion, dedication, and commitment. 


Our House 

Harkening back to a 70’s classic, this Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young song written by Graham Nash to reflect the moment with Joni Mitchell in their shared abode, how “normal” and magical it wasLarry wants to let you have those new normal moments in your spaceNo reason not to set yourself up for success and magical times in your home.   Because Only Bathrooms, LLC is a small family-owned, local company, we can understand the emotions of your home and how to update the mood of any space in your homeLarry gets “it”.  Larry personifies Graham Nash’s words “I want to touch people’s lives for the better”.  Let him make your home a very, very, very fine house. 


We Built This City

This construction song by Starship begs the question: how are cities actually builtWhat better, more bad-to-the-bone way is there to pay homage to the building industry than with notions of rock ‘n’ roll-reinforced infrastructureWe know the construction industry process definitely took more time than the evolution of rock and roll music – both of which took local talent to evolveNorthern Virginia was built through the vision, skill, passion, and dedication of companies like Only Bathrooms, LLC and homeowners like yourself.   Building and remodeling any structure typically involves many people, time, money and skillStaying on target can be problematic if you don’t have communication and excellent project management; two of the pillars on which Larry has built the companyA good project is like a great rock and roll song – all in sync with results that you want to share with friends and revisit time and again. 


And a couple of country tunes that lend themselves to Only Bathrooms Playlist… 


The House that Built Me

Miranda Lambert earned her first Grammy Award with this song that tugged on heartstrings of millions, understandably as our homes are houses with heart.  Only Bathrooms, LLC helps that transition from a sticks-n-bricks to home.  Being surrounded by your childhood memories, or doing something to make you remember those moments can allow you to feel a sense of restoration of your true identity, and that the childhood home or ideas of this home can be a source of refuge when enduring the hardships of life.  Larry works closely with you to create that special space for memory making.  That home where, even later sold, still draws you back to relive the magical home moments.   


Hard Hat and Hammer 

We would be remiss if we didn’t give a shout out to this on-point Country song by Alan JacksonThis song pays homage to the hard and important work of construction workers and how they undertake to shape the build worlds that surround us allOnly Bathrooms, LLC’s skilled trades team is key to transforming your home into the space you dreamed.   They are in your home daily, respecting your lifestyle and ensuring quality work. As he astutely puts it: “God bless the working man.”


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