Navigating Your Remodeling Project

Only Bathrooms, LLC has been the trusted solution for quality renovations throughout the  Northern Virginia areaWe take pride on understanding the balance required to match the needs of the homeowner with the constraints of timelines and budgetsIt is our goal to help you successfully navigate your remodeling project…

THE 1, 2, 3s of OUR PROCESS
  1. In Home Visit.  We meet your house.  We get a better idea of your project by seeing it, taking photographs and measurements, and discussing your ideas and vision in greater detail.
  2. Build-A-Bath Review.   Next, we create your Build-a-Bath (the project plan) just for your project.  To ensure you understand the information you’ll meet with our owner, Larry Newman, in our showroom.   Larry will walk you through your Build-a-Bath detailing what’s involved, including estimated costs and timelines.
  3. Design Meeting.   Once you’ve decided “YES!” to use Only Bathrooms you’ll return to the showroom to discuss with Larry more detailed design choices and estimated start date.  We have cool stuff for you to see and touch to help you create the perfect project.   Note, design choices always affect the cost.   (Throughout your project we will work closely with you on changes, updates, and accessories decisions – changes that may affect the timeline and costs.)
The Project is a Go!   Let’s get the agreement signed.    The agreement lays out project overview, payment schedule and estimated start date.  Once a signed copy is received in our office, the Project is a Go!
Countdown to Demo Day!  We will remind you prior to your start date so you can ensure the project space is ready for demo day. 
DEMO DAY!  Everyone’s favorite day as the transformations begin.  Our team will arrive at your home to remove the old materials and begin the space preparation.
Materials delivered.  Some of the materials for your job may be delivered on demo day, as well as during the project.  The majority of the materials are brought to your home by OB team members. We will notify you BEFORE materials from outside vendors are to be delivered to your home.   Occasionally we will need to coordinate with you a staging area for the project materials.
So, what’s a work day look like?   Our workday is 8a-5p.  Please ensure the site is available during those hours.   If you won’t be home during the day we can arrange a key lock box for your home during construction.  This will allow our workers access to your home and keep it secure all other times.   Note – we may not be onsite the entire 8-5.
Communication is key.  We will notify you when our staff will be onsite at your home.  There may be small gaps between team members on the jobsite, and/or there may be several craftsmen working your site simultaneously.  
Just because we aren’t on your site doesn’t mean we aren’t working your project.  We may be gathering additional materials or accessories, or even assembling components offsite.  No worries, we will be back!
OB onsite team.  Our team members are chosen by OB leadership for their skills and can-do customer-oriented attitudes.  Various OB team members will be working on your home throughout the project.  This is necessary as we are a small company and we ensure the right person with the right skillset is on site.  You will be able to identify our onsite team members by their Only Bathrooms identifying gear (t-shirts, hoodies, etc.).
OB Management Visits.  At least once a week, someone from Only Bathrooms management, will visit your home.
Your OB POC/Project Coordinator/Phone-a-Friend.  A project manager will be identified for your project and you will be provided their contact information.  You can always contact your project manager via email and a response will be provided no later than the next business day.
Where is my Project Manager?  Your Project Manager will have daily contact with our OB workers at your home yet may not be on sight every day.  Success of your project is their main concern.   Please feel free to reach out to them should you have any questions or concerns, or even to just say how much you are enjoying your home’s transition.
Ensuring Up-to-Date info.   Your project manager will know your project inside and out and will smooth any bumps and keep things moving forward by closely coordinating with onsite workers and other OB staff and projects. Your project manager will ensure there is a copy of your Build-a-Bath plan with design specifics on your jobsite.  Any updates or changes will be communicated to the onsite staff.
Permits Mean What to Me?  Permits are the counties’ way of ensuring, to current and future owners and neighbors, that work being done in a home meets code and safety standards.  We will handle coordinating the permit paperwork and inspection process.   Rarely is this a quick process, so some delays of the work may take place.   Note, often the permits can’t be requested (“pulled”) until construction has begun as access to the structural details aren’t yet available.   We will stay in contact with you about the permit process progress (say that 3 times fast) and will work with the counties to expediate permits and inspections.
HOAs.  We will rely on you, the homeowner, to be aware of any applicable homeowners associations’ regulations.   Sometimes HOA limitations can affect the worksite logistics (i.e. parking, materials staging, work hours, and design specifications).  We will work with you to address any questions or concerns about the project as related to those regulations.
The Sounds of Silence.   The OB onsite team has completed the work and finished the finishing touches.    Wait, there is more!    Your Project Manager will walk through the site with you to ensure completion.  
Punch List.  Seems so violent yet is so helpful.    After we’ve left you to enjoy life in your new world, you may find items that need to be tweaked.  Make a list.  Call us.  We’ll send someone out to make it right.
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